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 Why shop local?

Shopping local keeps your favorite shops in business and supports the overall local economy.  That is good news for the entire community as we strive to develop a climate in which businesses can create jobs and operate at a profit.

 Shopping locally can:

·         Increase the tax base.  Sales tax directly supports our libraries, parks and  recreation facilities, road improvements and other services.  These services combined with the added employment will provide an ever-improving quality of life and safer community.

·         Create a more diversified job base with a higher wage structure.

·         Bolster the local economy. 

 What it Really Costs to Shop Elsewhere

As the saying goes: “Use it or lose it.” If we, as a community, fail to support our local businesses, they may go out of business and thereby reduce the tax base and increase the unemployment rate.  This ultimately will have a negative impact on our entire community and can lessen our quality of life.

Nearly every adult and youth group in the community relies on area businesses to support their activities.  Businesses are one of the largest funders of our schools’ sports or extracurricular activities.  Businesses can only do this if they are healthy and supported by the community.

The overall message is to support your community—by spending locally.

 LOOK around

 Our area has an abundant number of small and emerging locally owned businesses that provide quality products, personal attention, and excellent service.

 If a business doesn’t have what you need, ASK.  The fact is any local business would be willing to sell anything you are willing to buy here.

 SHOP local




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