CJS Wealth Management open in downtown Belmont

Ribbon-cutting celebration at offices in Stowe Building

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 4:00 pm


Chris Shaw is cutting the ribbon with his wife Julie and sons Thomas and Bryan. Also representing CJS Wealth Management, from left, are Jim Moseley, Judy Capps and Christopher Dickerson, with Montcross Area Chamber President Ted Hall, and holding the ribbon (left) Sarah Vingoe of A. McIntyre Law and Melissa Smith of Clearbrook Advisory Services. 

Owner Chris Shaw cuts ribbon at reception

Owner Chris Shaw celebrated the opening of CJS Wealth Management in downtown Belmont with a reception and Chamber ribbon cutting on April 17, 2018. CJS Wealth Management is located in the Stowe Building at 100 N. Main Street, Belmont. CJS Wealth Management has been serving clients’ retirement and wealth management needs since 2010. “Building and maintaining strong client relationships is what our organization prides itself on,” Chris said. “And that mission continues to be at the center of who we are as a company.” For more on CJS Wealth Management  call 704.413.4073, or visit www.cjswealthmanagement.com

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