Montcross Area Chamber Vice President 2007 - 2020

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Rule #2 in the Montcross Area Chamber playbook is “MAKE BUSINESS FUN.” Teresa Rankin inspired the rule, and no one has lived up to it over the past 13 years with more passion and pure delight than Teresa. She embraced making business fun just as completely as she did Rule #1: “PUT MEMBERS FIRST.” 

Reflecting on Teresa’s recent retirement, every member, friend, board member and staff member recognizes what an enormous gift to the Chamber were Teresa’s own 1000-watt smiles and those she ignited among others at every small and large event and every individual encounter. 

So we share with you a small sample of the fun and the smiles Teresa shared with all of us during her service as vice president of the Chamber from 2007 until 2020.

Published on the Chamber Business Update page in the Gaston Gazette on Oct. 25, 2020


#1: Teresa is a natural parade director because she loves putting everyone in his place, even the chief of police. 

#2: Decorating the window for Christmas with her smile in 2009 at the then Chamber office at 32 N. Main Street.

#3: Teresa embraced any idea for promoting Chamber membership. 

#4 and #5: UNC vs NCSU game rivalry in the Chamber office always was a blast.

#6: Teresa faces every situation with a smile, even printer repairs.

#7: She suited up and went to bat to promote the Grizzlies, though her grip needs work. 

#8: She never saw a Santa suit she didn’t want to try on. 

#9 and 10: Nothing made Teresa smile more than a parade with Larry Sprinkle in it. This one was in 2017. 

#11: Dumping ice water on the president’s head in 2014 was a dream come true for Teresa.


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